Spot It!: The Family Game of Matching

Spot it! is a card game for 2 to 8 players, but can be played with up to 13. Super unlucky number, I know…

Spot It! has 55 circular cards each of which contains eight symbols varying by shape and color. One card will contain all the symbols matching in either shape or color (or both), while the other card will show something different; this is what you are matching.

Spot It! requires speed, observation skills, and pattern recognition to find matches between pairs of cards as quickly as possible and get rid of your hand before everyone else. The winner is the player who gets rid of their cards first and has collected the fewest cards at that point; ties go to the player with more sets.

This card game was created in 2008 by Blue Orange Games, an American game publisher that offers an array of card games, board games, puzzle toys, and party games. The game was the winner of Dr. Toy’s 10 Best Active Play Games Award in 2011, among many other awards.

Spot It! has also earned the Specialty Retailers’ 2012 Game Of The Year Award as well as multiple Teachers’ Choice Awards for its educational value.

Some card games may last up to 30 minutes or so but Spot it! can be finished much faster than that since each hand usually lasts only a few minutes. This card game is perfect for a family night where everyone will have fun matching symbols while competing against one another at the same time!

The Many Versions of Spot It!

Spot It! comes in several versions, including Holiday Spot it!, Disney Princess, Frozen Fever, Halloween, and Harry Potter. Disney Spot it! also comes in a Disney Villains version, and Frozen Fever has a second version with alternate symbols to play the game with.

Holiday Spot it! was the first expansion to this card game, released in 2012. This version features Christmas-related symbols such as Santa Claus, wreaths, Christmas trees, and candy canes.

Disney Princess Spot It! was released in 2013 as part of the Spot it! Challenge expansions. It includes various princesses from Disney movies such as Pocahontas and Rapunzel as well as other characters like Belle and Tiana. The symbols used on cards are different than those found in Holiday Spot it! and each card contains two character images instead of one.

Frozen Fever was the second Spot it! Challenge expansion, released in 2015. Like its predecessor, Disney Princess, it uses a different set of symbols than Holiday Spot it! and each card contains two images instead of one. However, Frozen Fever has characters from both the Frozen movie as well as characters from Disney’s short film Frozen Fever such as Anna and Elsa.

The Harry Potter expansions were also expansions to the Spot it! Challenge expansions and was released in September 2016 along with Disney Villains. The symbols used on cards are different than those found in Holiday Spot it!, Disney Princess, and Frozen Fever; each card contains two images instead of one just like all other expansions/variations of this game. There are five sets: “Heroes,” “Alumni,” “Romance,” “Action Shots,” and “Magical Places.”

The expansions mentioned above are not the only expansions to Spot it! This card game comes in various expansions you can add on or purchase separately from one another. These expansions as include Marvel Super Heroes, Star Wars Ep. 1-6, and many more.

Family Game Night With Spot It!

Spot It! will make a fantastic addition to any family game night. It is perfect for ages 7 and up. Compete as a family, and play as a family.

With Spot it!, you’ll enjoy seeing the happy expressions on family member’s faces as everyone works together at finding matching symbols before time runs out! Matching cards is both fun and educational for kids (and adults)!

So what are you waiting for? Prepare your family game night, and get ready to play Spot It! Buy Spot It! from Fantastic Games today.


Tiddlywinks: The Ultimate Flipping Game

Tiddlywinks has been around for centuries as a popular board game for both young children and serious adults alike. The players with the most dexterity have the upper hand in this board game that’ll have you practicing your flipping skills until the cows come home. Whether you pick up an edition at your local retail store or you attend one of the many Tiddlywinks championships around the world, you’ll sure to love the practical fun of this eclectic board game.

Squidgers and Winks

One of the most delightful aspects of Tiddlywinks is the unique terminology that it uses to describe the various components and actions of the game. The goal of the game is to flip small discs called “winks” into a cup on the center of the board. To do this, players will have to use a larger disc called a “Squidger” or “Tiddledy” to shoot the winks into flight.

Players propel the winks into the air by pressing down on the edge of the wink with the squidger so that the wink pops up into the air. The game is usually played on a large felt mat to help make it easier to flip the winks. While landing your wink into the cup in the center will earn you the most points, some editions of the game allow you to also earn points by landing within a certain target area.

The goal of the board game is to win the most points by the end of the final round. Players have two options to choose a winner. They can either choose to play a set number of rounds, naming the player with the highest points the winner, or they can play to a specific number of points, ending the game whenever one player reaches that score.

Squopping Your Opponent

Unlike many board games, Tiddlywinks is less based on things like strategy and luck and more focused on physical dexterity. The more you play Tiddlywinks, the better you get at flicking the little winks in the right direction. In fact, there are actually a large number of professional organizations and clubs dedicated to the game. Countless people gather together each year to see who can stand out amongst the crowd as the best player.

But you don’t have to be a Tiddlywinks expert to enjoy the fun of engaging in psychological warfare during the game. One of the most diabolical aspects of this board game comes from trying to psych out your opponent as they make their move. All’s fair in Tiddlywinks, as you can feel free to use all of the intimidation tactics you like to distract your opponent and keep them from getting their wink in the cup!

In some version of the game, you have another defensive tool to keep your opponent from getting points called “Squopping.”  This is when you shoot your own winks to land on top of your opponent’s winks. Because only the wink on top gets to be counted in points, this can be a useful way of keeping your opponent’s winks from being counted and advancing your own winks.

Other Versions of Tiddlywinks 

Over the years, many versions of Tiddlywinks had been released with different themes, rules, and mechanics. There’s a Snoopy’s Game of Tiddlywinks that features characters from your favorite comic strip as well as a Tom & Jerry Tiddlywinks that features the eponymous cartoon cat and mouse. Some versions of Tiddlywinks come with a rubberwood circular box that has a hole in the center for you to try and flip the wink into, while others come with a plastic cup or round target playing mat.

Flip Your Wick with Tiddlywinks

Tiddlywinks is playable by anywhere from 1-6 players. You can easily practice flipping the winks into the cup on your own as you refine your skills before playing with a larger group. It’s suitable for ages 4 and up, as even the youngest of players can have fun flipping winks and squopping the other players. Playing time lasts around 10 minutes, although it can go on for longer depending on how many rounds you choose to play.

Practice your flipping skills and buy Tiddlywinks today!

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