Bang!: Bring Back The Wild West

If you love a good spaghetti western shoot-out, you’ll love Bang!  This card game is a blast from the past that pits the Outlaws against the Sheriff and the Renegade against everybody.  Use your skills of deduction and bluffing to conquer the Wild West once and for all.

Everyone gets a secret role card at the beginning, of which there are four roles: the Sheriff, the Deputy, the Outlaw, and the Renegade.  Pull cards like the BANG! card to shoot at people within range, or the MISSED! card to dodge the bullet.  There are even fun cards to pull such as beer to restore health (typical for a cowboy, right?)  Let fate decide who makes it out alive and who’s slow on the draw!

If you like playing stick em up games with cards instead of toy guns, you’ll love Bang!  It’s super fun to use strategy and luck to try and take down your fellow players.  And if you’ve got a good poker face, you’ll ace this game.  Bluffing your way through it is the best way to shoot the Sheriff without him seeing you coming.

Bang! is a fun card game for people nostalgic for the American West.  However, anyone can enjoy the competitive spirit of Bang!  If you’re looking for a family game that can handle big families, this is the game for you.  It can handle 4-7 players, so everyone gets a chance to take part in the fun.

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