Choose Your Own Adventure With Gloomhaven

Unlike card games that pit players against each other in a winner-takes-all campaign, Gloomhaven forces you to work together in order to survive.  This card game is set in a mysterious and changing world, casting you as the wandering adventurer with a private mission.  Players will work together to clear enemy-filled dungeons and forgotten ruins in an effort to boost their abilities and plunder more loot.

Choose Your Power

In the card game Gloomhaven, players have to work together to clear dungeons of the vicious monsters lurking inside and collect their loot.  Each player begins with a hand of cards that represent their character’s stamina and abilities.  All of the cards have initiative values on them, which determine the order of play.

The dungeon begins with each player revealing their cards at the same time and flipping over the monster cards.  Then, players will go in order of initiative.  Every card has two abilities on it: a top ability and a bottom ability.  When it’s your turn, you must choose two cards to play, using the top ability from one card and the bottom ability from another.

Clear the Dungeon and Meet Your Goal

The goal of each round is to clear the dungeon of monsters so that you can win the loot.  Characters don’t get killed off in Gloomhaven, but instead exhaust and get booted out of the game for that round.  The more players get eliminated each round, the harder it becomes for the other players to complete the scenario and vanquish the monsters.

You won’t play as the same character throughout the entire card game.  Every character in Gloomhaven has his or her own unique goal that they’re trying to achieve.  Once they meet that goal, that character retires.  This then allows you to unlock new characters with interesting new abilities that make the gameplay even more varied.

Gloomhaven also has many events that happen outside of your main dungeon-clearing adventures.  The City Event Deck and Road Event Deck offer interesting scenarios that either reward or punish you based on your decisions.

One of the most unique elements of Gloomhaven is the cute little game components that come with the cards.  This card game includes 17 playable character miniatures that you can play with as well as 34 monster types and 13 Boss monsters.  You’ll also get over 1500 cards in the box, making Gloomhaven a card game with limitless potential.

Gloomhaven Sequels

Gloomhaven has two sequel card games that use many of the same mechanisms but take place in new worlds.  Frosthaven is set in a small outpost far to the north, suffering from harsh weather and invasions of deadly forces.  Players will get even more characters, enemies, and a new 100-scenario campaign to explore.  Players can also explore more scenarios outside of combat, including solving mysteries and surviving the deadly seasons.

Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion is another standalone sequel game that’s actually a prequel.  This game includes four new characters that can be integrated into the original card game.  It also includes 16 new monster types and a new 25-scenario campaign.  Unlike Gloomhaven, which can be incredibly complex, Gloomhaven: Jaws of the Lion is simplified enough for non-gamers and new players to ease into the experience.

Gloomhaven: Leave Your Legacy

Gloomhaven is playable by 1-4 players.  Whether you’re looking for a game to play solo or with a small group of gamer friends, this is the card game for you.  It’s also suitable for ages 14 and up, so teenagers and adults alike can enjoy hosting Gloomhaven gatherings.  Playing time lasts around 1-2 hours, so it’s definitely the kind of game that requires more of a time commitment.

Gloomhaven stands apart from other card games in that it provides you with endless possibilities to choose your own adventures.  After each scenario, players will have to decide what to do next, sending the story shooting off into an endless number of directions. Each decision will have an impact on where the story takes you, allowing you to play Gloomhaven countless times without playing the same game twice.

Fulfill the divine quest set aside for you and buy Gloomhaven today!


Axis & Allies: The Ultimate Game Of War

Axis & Allies takes the spectacle of World War II and condenses it down to a board game small enough to fit on your kitchen table (but only just barely). Like the game Risk, Axis & Allies uses a board game of a map of the world broken up into various pieces that forces you to strategize your path to victory. Players will have to coordinate with their teammates if they want to beat the opposite powers and win the war.

Choose Your Power

Axis & Allies puts you right smack dab in the middle of World War II in the year 1942. For those of you who aren’t history buffs, this was right when the Axis powers were at their peak. Players have to choose between the Allies and the Axis powers to decide which cause they’re going to fight for during the game. The Allies are split up into the US, Great Britain, and Russia, while the Axis powers are Germany and Japan.

Depending on which power you choose, you’ll have a different goal. The goal for the Allied powers is to claim the two Axis capitals on the board. For the Axis powers, however, you have two options: either take over two of the three Allied capitals or absorb enough of the other side to claim an “Economic” victory.

Pieces of the Game

Axis & Allies is well-known for its length, its intricate game board, and its sprawling number of pieces. The gameboard depicts the world as it was during the Spring of 1942, with countries that are color-coded based on where the power lies. The game board is quite large to allow for all of the pieces to fit within the various countries.

Every player in the game gets a little styrofoam tray packed with little pieces including Infantry, Bombers, Submarines, Aircraft Carriers, and more. They’ll also use little chips to denote extra units of a certain type, which you can stack underneath to signify major forces. Players also get to use paper money to buy new units or to use in weapons development.

Let There Be War

The game goes in turns, with Allies and Axis powers going back and forth to make moves, develop weapons, and stage assaults. Players begin by trying to develop weapons or purchase more units before moving their pieces into position to stage an attack. The main portion of the game occurs when the Axis and Allied players engage in combat, using Bombers, Fighters, Infantry, and Tanks to wipe out the other players.

Axis & Allies certainly involves long and tense gameplay as players go back and forth engaging in combat, transporting troops, building Factories, and earning income. The possibility for endless strategy makes Axis & Allies one of the most intricate and challenging games on the market, but it’s well worth it for hardcore gamers who love a good challenge.

Axis & Allies Later Editions

Axis & Allies has released several later editions since the board game was initially released in 1981. The Axis & Allies Anniversary Edition adds the third Axis nation of Italy while expanding the game board and including over 600 pieces. 

Axis & Allies: 1942 also expands the game board while adding five new sculpts and a few rules changes to make the game even more challenging. Axis & Allies: 1941 goes in the opposite direction, simplifying the game in order to introduce new players to the mechanics of A&A.

Axis & Allies: A Blast from the Past

Axis & Allies is playable by 2-5 players, as there are a total of five possible world powers to choose from. It’s also suitable for ages 12 and up, although it may take younger players a while to get acquainted with the rules of the game. The playing time for Axis & Allies is around 3 hours, so it’s definitely not the kind of game you can play a quick round of.

Axis & Allies is definitely on the more advanced side when it comes to board games, but it’s been a lasting power for decades. The complexity of the game is both its best and worst attribute, but if you’re up for a good challenge you’ll love it. Put your brainpower to the test and buy Axis & Allies today!


KeyForge: Card Game Of The Gods

Nothing is more motivating than the ever-present thirst for knowledge and power. In the world within KeyForge, power is nothing without knowledge, and you’ll have to fight tooth and nail to access the hidden secrets in the Vaults. A strong heart and a diligent mind are required to find the right combination of cards to grow your stores of Amber while also fighting your enemies. With thrilling battles and a beautifully realized fantasy world, KeyForge is a card game with plenty of imagination.

The World Of The Crucible

KeyForge is set in the world of the Crucible, which was artificially built by the god-like Archons. These powerful beings forged the Crucible from the pieces of countless planets, and are in constant battle with each other in the pursuit of knowledge of their origins. KeyForge is a race between different factions of Archons to be the first to collect three keys and gain the invaluable knowledge and power locked away within the Vaults of the Crucible.

Archon Decks

KeyForge is the first unique deck game in that it is sold in individual decks, each with their own random selection of 37 cards. Unlike most deck-building games, each KeyForge deck is designed to be unchangeable and played right out of the box. One of the best parts of KeyForge is the fact that each deck comes with its own name, which includes such gems as “The Boy Who Basically Head-butts Heaven.”

You won’t need to worry about shelling out countless dollars to collect different decks, but can enjoy the knowledge that you’re the only person out there with that exact combination of cards! This can create a fun challenge that forces you to make the most of the cards you’re dealt, finding the winning combination to push you forward into victory.

Declaring Houses And Collecting Amber

Gameplay involves two players each using their own deck of cards to play different creatures, actions, upgrades, and artifacts. Every card in KeyForge is associated with a specific House, and each deck comes with cards from three different Houses. At the beginning of each turn, you’ll have to declare which House you’re playing from. You can then play as many or as few cards as you like from that House during your turn. The potential to play multiple cards at once can help make for some pretty eventful turns where you can savage the competition.

You’ll have to collect enough Amber in order to forge your three keys and unlock the Vaults. Certain creatures can provide you with Amber and can also be used to fight the competition. You’ll have to balance your efforts to collect Amber with your battle tactics in order to defend yourself long enough to win the game.

KeyForge Expansion Sets

KeyForge releases new cards regularly through their expansion sets, which add new Houses to the mix that provide for even more card combinations. The original set, KeyForge: Call of the Archons, comes with two starter decks and two unique Archon Decks for a total of 370 cards. Later expansion sets such as Age of Ascension or Worlds Collide add over 200 new cards each, while also throwing in new Houses such as Saurian Republic or Grand Star Alliance to make gameplay even more exciting.

Answer The Call Of The Archons With KeyForge

KeyForge is a 2-player game, so it’s definitely more suited for one-on-one situations than it is for a family game night. Fans of Magic the Gathering or other fantasy will love the creativity and potential for complex strategy building that KeyForge allows. Newcomers to card games will also enjoy the fact that they won’t have to invest a lot of time and money into building their deck—all you need is a starter deck and you’re ready to play!

Playing time lasts around 15-45 minutes, but turns go very quickly thanks to the potential for playing many cards at once. Players will love the fast-paced back and forth as they’re forced to strategize on the spot and outmaneuver their opponent’s every move. KeyForge is also suitable for ages 14 and up, so young adults will especially enjoy the fantastical world within the game.

Gain the knowledge and power to make you victorious!


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