Poop: Where UNO and Poop Jokes Combine

If you’ve ever wished that card games would involve more poop jokes, you’re not alone. Poop is relatively similar to the card game UNO in that players are all laying down cards in a stack in order to get rid of all of their cards and empty their hand. However, Poop stands out for its silly humor, creative designs, and of course, poop jokes. 

The silhouette artwork for the game is definitely one of the funniest aspects, making kids and adults alike laugh out loud at its silly humor. From the flies buzzing around to the appearance of corn in some of the cards, Poop does not shy away from all the hilarity that comes from joking about poop.

Don’t Clog the Toilet

The way the card game works is that each player is dealt a hand of five cards, with players taking turns laying their cards down in the toilet (essentially “pooping”). However, players must be sure not to clog the toilet, because whoever clogs it is forced to pick up the whole poop stack!

Each poop card has a certain number on it, while toilets are represented with cards that have a certain number on them indicating the total amount of poop it can withstand before clogging. For example, if the number on the toilet is 8 and the first two players put down a 2 and a 4, then the next player better play a 1 if they want to avoid clogging the toilet.

Flushing the Toilet

There is a way to avoid clogging the toilet and forcing someone to pick up the poop stack. If three poop cards of the same color are played in a row, then the toilet flushes and the cards are discarded. Everyone except for the flusher is then forced to take a new card, with the flusher leading the next round by laying down a new card.

Wild Cards

There’s more to Poop than just poop cards and toilets, though. Like UNO, Poop comes with reverse cards and skip cards that can change the flow of the game and land someone unexpected with a clogged toilet. The real highlight of the card game, however, comes from the wild cards. These cards force you to take a certain action every time you lay down a card.

For example, if you lay down a wild card that asks you to wash your hands or make a splashing sound, you’ll have to do that every single time you play a card. If you forget, then other players can call you out and force you to draw a new card! Luckily, you won’t have to do it forever, as the next person to lay down a wild card with that same action will take it over from you.

Poop Spinoffs

Poop has a couple of funny spinoffs that take the poop jokes to a higher level. Poop: Party Pooper Edition works as both a stand-alone version of Poop as well as a version that you can integrate with the original to allow up to 10 players. This spinoff comes with new interactive wild cards and higher flow toilets that make the game even more fun.

The spinoff Poop: Public Restroom Edition goes even further by giving you three toilets to play with at once. It also adds things like plungers, septic tanks, and occupied signs to add more complexity to the mechanics of the game.

Embrace Your Silly Side with Poop

Poop is playable by 2-5 players, although you can integrate it with one of the spinoffs to allow up to 10 players at once. It’s definitely suitable for both kids and adults, as it was designed by kids and adults together. Anyone ages 5 and up can enjoy the hilarity of Poop! Playing time lasts around 15 minutes, so it’s an easy card game to play a few rounds of on a school night or at a party.

The makers of Poop have also included rules in the game that turn Poop into a drinking game, which can be a great way to spice up any party. Give in to your inner child and buy Poop today!



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