Bears vs. Babies: Who Knew Babies Could Be So Vicious?

Ah, babies. Small, cute, and cuddly, what’s not to love?  Bears, on the other hand, are terrifying creatures that could tear you apart in a second. While this may be true in the real world, it’s anything but true in the world of Bears Vs. Babies. Bears vs. Babies flips the script by championing fierce and terrifying bears as the heroes of the tale while the evil babies are the villains. 

One of the highlights of Bears Vs. Babies is the quirky and attractive art, drawn by Matthew Inman of The Oatmeal. With a silly setup and quick and easy rules, Bears vs. Babies is a game that’ll have you wincing every time you hear the cry of an infant.

Build a Bear

Can we even use that term? We are going for it. Build a bear and love it! 

Bears vs. Babies comes with 107 cards that you’ll shuffle and draw each round to build your patchwork bear and fend off the oncoming army of evil babies. The cards involve a mix of monster heads and body parts that you collect to build your magnificent bear. You can also collect hats, masks, and tools for your bear to wear or use in fighting the babies.

The deck includes several cards that can trigger the babies to attack, as well as the babies themselves. Players will go around picking cards to try and build their bear from various body parts, with each one giving you special abilities. You’ll have to make sure the stitches between the cards match, however, or else it won’t fit on your Frankenstein-like bear body.

Attack of the Babies

If you pull a baby card on your turn, then you’ll put the baby in the middle of the field. Baby cards will have a point value from zero to three on them, as will your monster cards. These numbers correspond to the strength of your bear warriors and evil baby villains during the upcoming war. When the babies attack, they attack all the players, and it’s every man for himself.

If your bear is stronger than the baby, then you’ll win the fight! And if your bear has a higher number of points than your competitors, then you also get to keep the baby cards. However, if the baby army is stronger than you, then your bear gets sent straight to the discard pile. Because you can provoke the baby army to attack during your turn, this may be a good way to earn points while eliminating one of your competitors with a surprise attack.

You are also given the opportunity to search the discard pile for cards on your round, which can be helpful in nabbing the right component to complete your freakish creation. The game will then end once all of the cards have been drawn, with each of the players tallying the points from the baby cards they defeated.

Bears vs.Babies Expansion Pack

Bears Vs. Babies has an NSFW expansion pack available that can be integrated with the original game. While the original game is suitable for ages 7 and up, the expansion back is most definitely not family-friendly. This includes 30 NSFW cards to add some raunchy humor to the game as well as a condom to help protect against those evil babies.

It’s All Out War with Bears vs. Babies

Bears Vs. Babies is playable by 2-5 players, so it’s a good game for couples, friends, and small families to play together. It’s also suitable for ages 7 and up, so little kids can join in on the fun without getting confused. Bears vs. Babies has a playing time of between 15-20 minutes, which allows you to play multiple rounds or just stick with one as an icebreaker.

Bears Vs. Babies is a great game for non-gamers or younger players who aren’t really capable of grasping the complicated mechanics of more advanced card games. In fact, the manual specifically asks players not to read it, but to watch a quick online tutorial and only use it for reference. Bears vs. Babies is an easy and fun way to fill 15 minutes before dinner or to get to know people at a party. 

Buy Bears vs. Babies today and let your silly side win out!


Death Eaters Rising: Harry Potter Fans Rejoice!

Calling all Harry Potter fans: this board game is for you! Death Eaters Rising takes the magic of the wizarding world and turns it into an intricate and fun board game for magic lovers everywhere. You’ll take on the difficulties that Harry, Ron, and Hermione faced in their fifth year at Hogwarts as you try to convince the world that the Dark Lord has indeed returned. Can you draw enough witches and wizards to your cause in time?

Elements of the Game

Death Eaters Rising comes with a large central board that you’ll use to set up cards for the ultimate battle. Players are witches and wizards tasked with the role of recruiting members from Dumbledore’s Army, Hogwarts, and the Order of the Phoenix in order to defeat Voldemort and his followers. On each turn, you’ll have to recruit new wizards to your cause, attack Death Eaters, and take down the evil Lord Voldemort once and for all.

One of the best parts of this board game is the giant Voldemort statue that sits in the middle of the board. You’ll direct Voldemort’s evil gaze towards whichever area is currently under attack, turning the wicked little figurine to face whichever unlucky players are chosen by the dice. Attacks are registered by little damage counters, while offensive spells have their own tokens that you can play.

Voldemort’s Attack

Each turn begins with a player traveling to one of three locations on the board: Hogwarts, the Ministry of Magic, and Diagon Alley. This is where the player will face off against the Death Eaters and focus their recruitment efforts. Once you’ve traveled to your location, you must roll the Voldemort die and endure whichever attack he has planned.

Voldemort’s attacks will target one of the three areas on the board. However, if you roll one of the sides that bears the Dark Mark, all wizards are under attack. While you cannot attack Voldemort directly until later in the game, you will have a chance to attack his precious Death Eaters in response.

Fighting Back

Death Eaters Rising involves plenty of dice rolling to guide you through your turn. Once Voldemort has finished his attack, you’ll roll the Wizard dice to determine whether or not you recruit wizards, attack Death Eaters, or earn special abilities. You’ll need to balance your offense and defense if you want to keep Voldemort and his followers from spreading their dark influence throughout the wizarding world.

Something that makes Death Eaters Rising particularly fun is its use of characters from the original books.You’ll have to recruit fan-favorite characters such as Ginny Weasley, Rubeus Hagrid, and Severus Snape while avoiding the attacks of the devious Bellatrix Lestrange and Lucius Malfoy.

Taking out the Boss

Death Eaters Rising will continue until the Voldemort card gets drawn. This changes everything, as players can now attack Voldemort alongside his evil Death Eaters. In order to win the game, you’ll have to vanquish both Voldemort and a certain number of Death Eaters. However, you can lose if you either allow four places to be corrupted, allow one place to be completely corrupted by Death Eaters, or if too many of your wizards are defeated.

Relive the Magic with Death Eaters Rising

Death Eaters Rising is playable by 2-4 players, so it’s better suited towards small groups or one-on-one games. Playing time lasts around 45-90 minutes, so you should get a nice long game out of it without having to spend hours slogging through the mechanics. It’s also suitable for ages 11 and up, so younger players can easily enjoy playing the game with friends without needing adults.

Death Eaters Rising will certainly appeal to fans of Harry Potter, but this board game really can be fun for anyone. Parents who haven’t seen the movies or read the books can still have fun playing alongside their kids as they roll the dice, cast their spells, and try their best to survive. If you’re a fan of fantasy board games that aren’t too complicated, then Death Eaters Rising is the perfect game to get into.

Grab your wand, put your wizard hat on, and buy Death Eaters Rising today!


Coup: All’s Fair In The Quest For Power

Abuse of power runs rampant in the corrupt world of Coup, in which each player is the head of a family in an Italian city-state. In the game of Coup, your goal is to successfully manipulate and bluff your way to power by destroying the influence of your rival families. This card game pits players against each other by forcing them to lie, cheat, and steal while fighting to be the last one standing. If ruthless competition and backstabbing sounds like your idea of a fun time, then Coup is the card game for you.

Make Your Move

Each player beings Coup with two coins and two character cards, which are also known as influence. The game goes in turns, with each turn giving you three distinct options. Your first option is called taking Income, which allows you to take one coin from the treasury. 

The second option is called taking Foreign Aid, which allows you to take two coins from the treasury. However, Foreign Aid can be blocked by the Duke character, so it’s important to make sure there are no Dukes on the board before risking being blocked.

The final option is to launch a coup against one of your opponents, which costs seven coins. This forces that player to give up one of their influence, shedding whichever character card they choose. There is no defense against a coup, so it pays to make friends rather than enemies and avoid becoming the target of anyone’s wrath.

Get To Know The Characters

The card game comes with a card deck of fifteen different cards, which consists of three copies of five distinct characters. Each character has their own special powers or defenses that can help you take down the other players or protect from deadly assassinations.

The Duke is one of the most powerful cards in the game. He has the special ability to take three coins from the treasury at a time as well as block other players from taking foreign aid. The Assassin, on the other hand, is another powerful player in that they can attempt to assassinate another player’s character for only three coins.

While having an Assassin card may seem like a sure fire way to win the game, the Contessa character can save a player from assassination by blocking it. The Captain character is another powerful choice that can both take two coins from another character as well as block any attempts by other players to steal their coins. Lastly, the Ambassador can both block people from stealing and allow you to swap out one or both of your character cards for another.

Bluff, Bluff, Bluff

The real luck of this card game comes from your ability to bluff. All of your character cards are hidden, which allows you to perform pretty much any action you want if you’re willing to back it up. Other players are allowed to challenge you, however, forcing you to reveal your character card. 

If you don’t have the card, you will lose one of your character cards. If you do, then the challenger loses one of theirs. A challenge can still hurt you, though, as you will be forced to put the card you reveal back in the deck to be shuffled and redrawn. The last player to still have one remaining character card wins Coup!

Coup: Rebellion G54

There is a sequel card game to Coup called Coup: Rebellion G54 that has similar rules but many more cards. This card game has a much larger deck with 25 characters, five of which you choose to play each game with. This can allow for much more variety with each game, giving you countless advantages and strategies to navigate on your path to victory.

Bluff Your Way To The Top With Coup

Coup is playable by 2-6 players, which makes it the perfect card game for parties or as an icebreaker. It’s also suitable for ages 13 and up, as its mechanics are simple enough for most kids to understand. Playing time lasts around 15 minutes, but you’ll definitely want to play multiple rounds as you get used to the way the game works. Coup is a delightfully competitive and tense card game that offers plenty of opportunity for fun. Practice your poker face and buy Coup today!


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