Throw Throw Burrito: A Card Game With A Delicious Twist

If the game of dodgeball was played with burritos, the world would be a better place. Luckily, the creators of Throw Throw Burrito decided to give the ultimate gift to the world in the form of a card game that combines matching cards with squishy burritos. You won’t be able to stop laughing as you engage in the deadly burrito war and seek cover in an effort to avoid getting a costly burrito bruise. With rapid-paced gameplay and a unique and hilarious concept, Throw Throw Burrito is a game you won’t soon forget.

Matching Cards, Dodging Burritos

Throw Throw Burrito begins with each player being dealt 15 cards to draw from, while the rest of the cards go in the center of the table next to the two foam burritos. The goal of the game is to earn points by matching sets of cards. Throughout the game, you’ll draw and discard cards in an effort to get matching sets of three while also dodging flying burritos.

One of the most interesting aspects of Throw Throw Burrito is that it doesn’t involve turns, but rather forces you to move quickly as everything happens at once. The game is played over two rounds, with the winner being whoever wins the most points during the round. You’ll win one point for matching three sets, win two points for declaring a burrito battle, and lose a point for getting a burrito bruise. The round ends when all six burrito bruises have been dished out.

Burrito Wars, Brawls And Duels

Throw Throw Burrito involves three different types of battles: wars, brawls, and duels. The person who declares the battle gets to sit it out, while the people in the battle must duke it out using the foam burritos in the center of the table. A burrito war pits all the players against each other, forcing them to move quickly to grab a burrito and toss it at another player. Whoever gets hit takes a burrito bruise and loses a point—if they catch the burrito, however, then whoever threw it is the one who takes the bruise.

If someone calls out a burrito brawl, the players on either side of them must try to quickly grab the burrito and chuck it at their opponent. The burrito duel is where things get real, as the declarer must choose two players to engage in a classic duel where they walk three steps apart before firing their burrito. While no one is allowed to interfere in a burrito battle, players are encouraged to fight dirty and take whatever steps they can to avoid the deadly burrito bruise.

Game Pieces

Throw Throw Burrito is so much more than just your average card game thanks to its eccentric game pieces and adorable stuffed burritos. The deck of cards comes with special burrito cards that spice up the game, while the foam burritos feature cute little designs that make you feel guilty when you toss them at your opponent’s head. The “Fear Me” badge is what really takes the cake, however, as the round’s winner gets to proudly pin it on their chest to proclaim their victory.

Throw Throw Burrito: May The Best Burrito Win

Throw Throw Burrito is playable by 2-6 players, although you can definitely accommodate more players by combining multiple games. Throw Throw Burrito also has a short playing time of 15 minutes. Since it takes place in 2 rounds, however, it’s easy to reset the game and play it again right after. Tossing a burrito at your closest friends is not the kind of thing you’ll get tired of anytime soon, so Throw Throw Burrito lends itself to repeat playing!

Throw Throw Burrito is suitable for ages 7 and up, which makes it perfect for getting younger players involved in the shenanigans. Young and old players alike will have a blast engaging in burrito duels and quickly snatching up cards to earn the right to wear the “Fear Me” badge. If you’ve ever felt a desire to relive your high school years playing dodgeball (minus the gnarly bruises), you’ll love the wacky fun of Throw Throw Burrito.

Ready! Aim! Fire!



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