Ticket To Ride: The Locomotive Adventure You’ll Never Forget

Are you looking for a game to play on family game night that’s simple enough for the kids to understand but fun enough to keep everyone on their toes? Ticket to Ride is the perfect game for you! Gameplay is simple enough that you can dive right in without stopping to read a manual an inch thick. You’ll lose yourself in the vintage world of train cars by building railway routes that weave across North America and claiming victory over your competitors.

How It is Played

Ticket to Ride is a turn-based game that’s simple enough to learn in minutes. Each turn you draw cards, claim railway routes, or get Destination Tickets that connect distant cities. With each turn comes a choice: do you greedily add more cards or fearfully snatch a critical route away from your competitor?

The game is for ages 8 and up, so the whole family can enjoy the fun. The coolest features of the game are the beautiful illustrations on both the cards and the giant board map of North America. The custom-molded train cars are cute little multicolored rectangles that snake across the board, adding to the game’s charming aesthetic.

Ticket to Ride comes as part of a series, with other games allowing you to traverse foreign countries like Germany or the Nordic Countries. If you’ve dreamt your whole life of being a conductor (and what little kid hasn’t?), you’ll love the fantasy world this game builds. With weaving routes and snaking train cars, Ticket to Ride is a wild ride you won’t soon forget.

This is one of the best selling games of all time! If you want to set your sites on traveling the countryside with Ticket to Ride then this is something you should buy. Trains are great!


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