Competition Kitchen, Order Up!

Have you ever wished you could be on one of those cooking competition shows rubbing shoulders with the best chefs in the business? With Competition Kitchen, you can finally live out your dream of being Top Chef in this hilarious and entertaining party card game. 

Competition Kitchen is the kind of card game that makes heavy use of the imagination, allowing you to wax poetic about how you would make the perfect dish for every occasion. Whether you’re a foodie or just someone who loves to eat, Competition Kitchen is a card game that will be sure to liven up any party.

Gathering Your Ingredients

Competition Kitchen begins with one to three players being assigned the role of judge, while the other players are chefs battling it out to win the challenge. If you play with only three players, then you’ll only have one judge, but more players in the game means that more people have a chance to join in on the fun of judging your friends and family. Not to worry, however, as the role of judge rotates every round, allowing everyone to play both roles throughout the game.

There are three basic ingredient decks for chefs to draw from: Protein, Vegetable, and Flavor. Chefs will draw two cards from each deck, choosing one of each to keep once the judge has revealed the Challenge card for that round. Challenge cards range from the hilarious “This 5 year old is a picky eater” to the high stakes “Fit for the Queen”. You’ll be sure to laugh and scratch your head as you try to make a dish that’s both “Fit for me and for my dog”!

The Secret Ingredient

While you may have crafted the perfect recipe to win the challenge, there is a twist. Once the chefs have chosen their cards, the judge will reveal a Secret Ingredient that must be incorporated into the dish. Secret ingredients range from the sometimes overpowering white truffle butter (be sure to use sparingly!) or the curious vanilla bean paste.

This is where this card game is elevated out of the cards and into your imagination. Each chef will have to describe how they would use each of the ingredients to prepare their dish. They’ll describe the cooking process in great detail, as well as how they decide to present their lavishly prepared delicacy. Because Competition Kitchen doesn’t involve any actual cooking, the player with the best imagination and way with words may find themselves winning the challenge.

Who Will Be Top Chef?

Once a winner has been announced, the judge will award that chef with both the Challenge card and the Secret Ingredient card. While the chef who manages to collect the most Challenge cards by the end wins the game, the Secret Ingredient cards are valuable tools to help you win future rounds. Players can either use that ingredient in one of their future dishes or force another chef to use it, adding a nasty bit of sabotage to this card game.

The ingredient cards are one of the best parts of the card game, as the creators of Competition Kitchen collaborated with several people from the culinary world to find ideas for ingredients. Fan favorites such as Ina Garten (the Barefoot Contessa) and Graham Elliot from Cooking Like a Master Chef give this card game a sense of authenticity that will have foodies everywhere clamoring to play the game.

Competition Kitchen: If Top Chef Were A
Card Game

Competition Kitchen is playable by 3-8 players. This card game offers a lot of flexibility based on how many players you have, allowing up to three players to become judges each round to accommodate larger groups. This card game is suitable for ages 10 and up, which will allow any future culinary artists in the family to flex their cooking muscles.

Playing time lasts around 45 minutes, making Competition Kitchen the perfect length card game for any party. As a simple card game with funny cards and lots of room for imagination, Competition Kitchen can be enjoyed by anybody. Buy Competition Kitchen today and enjoy all of the fun of cooking–with none of the cleaning up!

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