Zendikar Rising Set Boosters

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Set boosters are the go-to for players who love to open boosters just for the fun of seeing what they'll get. Just like Collector Boosters are for collecting and Draft Boosters are for drafting, Set Boosters are for opening packs to see what's inside.

Each Zendikar Rising Set Booster contains:
1 Zendikar Rising art card
1 Zendikar Rising full-art basic land
6 Zendikar Rising thematically connected commons and uncommons
1 Zendikar Rising "head-turning" card
2 Zendikar Rising wildcard rarity cards
1 Zendikar Rising rare or mythic rare
1 Zendikar Rising guaranteed foil card
1 token, ad card, or card from The List*

* - 25% of the time, instead of an ad or token card, Set Boosters contain a card from The List - interesting cards from anywhere in Magic’s history, printed as they appeared (including art, frame, and expansion symbol) plus a small Planeswalker symbol in their lower-left corner.


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