Zen Garden

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Create a beautiful Zen Garden with friends or family. Craft a unique landscape using tiles representing meadows, mountains, forests and water. Illuminate it all with magical lanterns that let you transform tiles and perfect patterns. Win by being first to create your secret pattern twice. ZEN GARDEN is an artful struggle. Seek your hidden pattern to victory while blocking and parrying your clever foes.

Find your Zen quickly and claim victory. Play the simple, elegant standard game or seek greater depth with the ever-intriguing advanced game variant. Two games in one. The basic game is a fast and simple tile-matching game where you attempt to form patterns on the board before your fellow players that plays in less than thirty minutes. The first player to form their signature pattern on the board twice without wilds and with their special symbol scores maximum points.

For players seeking more of a challenge, there is also Rock Garden, where players receive 12 cubes and play them on sets of tiles matching their pattern tiles. The goal in Rock Garden is to play those cubes before their fellow players.

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