Wobbly Worm

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Wiggly, Giggly, Wobbly Worm Game Fun!

Designed for preschoolers, but fun for the whole family, the electronic Wobbly Worm game delivers nonstop, ring-flinging fun. An interactive way to build hand-eye coordination while keeping little ones engaged and entertained, this ring toss game for kids brings twisting, turning fun to playtime. Easy set up means the fun can get started quickly, as 2-3 players try to loop their hoop over the elusive wiggly worm. Each player gets three different-sized hoops of the same color. Press the start button on the apple and Wobbly Worm will wiggle and wobble around. Place or toss your hoops—the first player to get three hoops over Wobbly Worm’s head wins. As your children grow, the wiggly worm will too. Simply insert more segments to the worm game for added motion and challenge as needed. At its tallest, Wobbly Worm will reach an impressive height of 3 feet. The Wobbly Worm game makes a great gift for children aged three and over!

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