Utter Nonsense: Naughty Edition

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Combine silly voices and accents with even sillier phrases to create sayings that are just plain ridiculous!

All players except the judge have to use the same accent/voice, so you are all in it together! Best of all is that many accents/voices can be interpreted differently, and that adds to the hilarity!

For example, maybe the accent/voice card is Pooping. How the heck do you do that "voice"? Go ahead...think about it. Funny, huh? Now do that "voice" and say one of your phrase cards, like: "Home is where you can drink red wine in your underwear." Even funnier!

All players have to use the same accent/voice card that's drawn, but you get to choose which of your phrase cards you use! You just want the judge to pick yours as the best!

It's a fun, laugh-out-loud game for 4 to 20 players, ages 17+

(there's some more "adult" content here!)

Includes 50 accent/voice cards and 450 phrases

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