TY Beanie Babies: Wilfred

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Get your snuggles ready! Beanie Belly Wilfred is the perfect companion for relaxing at home and is always reaching out for a hug. Don't let this cute pups wrinkles and droopy eyes fool you - this smart dog can spot a loving owner from a mile away!

August 12

I may be tiny but I have a big heart.
I can do tricks I'm really smart.
I'll sleep by your side when we're in bed.
Or up on your pillow right by your head.

Made with super soft gray and white fabric
Sparkly golden glitter eyes
An easygoing content dog
Uniquely shaped, sitting in an attentive pose
Embroidered paws that reach out to hug you
This pouting pug needs some snuggling
Includes official Ty Heart with birthday and poem
Surface clean only
8 in ( cm )

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