True Genius: Powder Keg

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Puzzle-solving is at the heart of every innovation. Faced with a challenge, great thinkers for centuries employed logic, ingenuity, and creative thinking to solve the toughest problems. What resulted were brilliant inventions that changed the world. We’ve honored the original thought-leaders from ancient cultures by connecting their inventions to our brainteasers to create a challenging line of puzzles worthy of the title, True Genius.

Goal: Take the keg apart and put it back together.

The ancient Chinese relied on minerals for their medicinal power, until a spark of genius revealed that one of these minerals created an incendiary explosive that could be used to create gunpowder. They began using it for a variety of weapons, which launched the groundbreaking development of ballistics and rockets. This technological advancement helped China fight off numerous invasions. Our keg-shaped puzzle will ignite your ingenuity as you rebuild the secret weapon of China’s true genius.

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