True Genius: Pandora’s Box

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From the mysterious realm of Mount Olympus comes a cursed object protected by the gods: Pandora’s Box! This True Genius Puzzle Pandora Box by Zeus meant as a trap to punish mankind after Prometheus stole fire for them. Pandora herself was a curious woman who did not know the dangers of opening the box, and unleashed dangers and evils upon the world. After so many years, the forbidden box has finally appeared again. Now, it’s up to you to crack the code to this box and discover the hidden secrets that have been locked away for so long!

Explore ancient Greek mythology with True Genius Pandora’s Box! The secrets of this forbidden cursed box can be yours only if you can crack the code. Twist and turn wooden pieces to unlock the mysterious curiosities that lie inside. Project Genius has combined the intriguing stories of Greek mythology with the beloved style of wooden toys to create a novelty puzzle that your family is sure to enjoy! Your secrets can stay hidden when you hide them in this decorative puzzle box. Manipulate pieces and panels to discover the hidden chamber inside.

Secret boxes are a fun and mysterious way to stash your treasure! This box features a unique locking design and can be opened in three to five steps. Use it to hide secret items or lock up money or gift cards!

Add suspense to any gift. Gift cards and cash are always appreciated presents—but Where’s the challenge? A slot on the side lets you slide your gift into the box—without having to open it—so the recipient sits in suspense as they manipulate the hidden panels and components to reveal their treasure.

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