True Genius: Pagoda

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Tilt and turn the layers of the pagoda to move the colored balls until each column is the same color in this ornate tower puzzle.

HISTORIC INSPIRATION – all brainteasers from the True Genius line are inspired by one of five different ancient civilizations including Rome, Greece, China, Egypt and the the ancient Aztec empire.
HIGH QUALITY GIFT – Whether you’re a student who could use lsat logic games, looking for a birthday gift logic game, or you think your friend would enjoy this as one of their housewarming gifts, this puzzle is a great choice for you.
SOLID WOOD PUZZLE – this brainteaser puzzle is constructed from solid wood, making this a high quality puzzle for anyone looking for wood gifts for women or wood gifts for men
Players must turn the layers and tilt the Pagoda to move the colored balls until each column of balls is the same color.

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