Trivial Pursuit: Dungeons & Dragons Ultimate Edition

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Gather the group and get ready for an adventure of knowledge with this edition of Trivial Pursuit featuring 1800 questions from the world of Dungeons & Dragons. This ultimate collector’s edition of Trivial Pursuit is a great gift that any D&D fan would love to own and perfect for game night!

Answer questions from across 6 categories - Magic & Miscellany, History, Monsters, Dungeons & Adventures, Characters, and Cosmology

Classic Trivial Pursuit game board features a Dungeons & Dragons theme with monster-inspired movers including Beholder, Mind Flayer, Owlbear, Mimic, Gelatinous Cube, and Demilich

Includes: 300 Question Cards featuring 1800 Trivia Questions, 6 Movers, 1 Die, 36 Wedges, and 1 Rulebook

2+ Players | Ages 12+ | 60+ Minute Play Time

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