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Hello and welcome, train enthusiasts from around the globe!

It is a truly wonderful day indeed, as it is today that we start our great competition! At the dawn of the nation of Traintopia - a country of clean, efficient and fast public transportation - we are looking for a new president - and we know exactly who we want for the job!

Grab your thinking caps and be ready to build routes for commuters, tourists and goods, create a futuristic train paradise, and become its greatest conductor. Now, help us build the best railway in history!

Wooden components:

15 x Commuters

10 x Tourists

1 x Railway inspector

5 x Bullet train

6 x Mailbags

1 x Cotton bag

Cardboard components:

50 x Map Tiles

10 x Bonus Tiles

4 x Starting Tiles

1 x Railhead Tile

24 x Money Tokens

90 x Victory Point Tokens


8 x Objective Cards

9 x Round Cards

1 x End Game Bonus Card

4 x Player Aid Card

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