Tiny Turbo Cars

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Tiny Turbo Cars is a programming race game: players need to program the movement of their car in advance on their "puzzle controller", trying to create the best sequence of actions. But programs might prove to be not as good as planned: obstacles, collisions, your mischievous rivals... Disasters will inevitably happen, but the race will go on! Who will be the best driver? Will you win the holiday championship prize?

Tiny Turbo Cars is a funny and clever family game, ideal to liven up an evening with your friends or an afternoon with your family.

- Use your innovative remote controller to program your moves!
- Balance speed with caution; first to finish their route moves first, but haste can lead to mistakes!
- Avoid obstacles on the map, missiles launched by your opponents, and other cars on the track!


4 Puzzle-Controllers
8 Racecar (tiles + wood tokens)
6 Double-sided Track boards
25 Tokens

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