Tiny Epic Dungeons: Story Expansion

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The Heroes huddle around the campfire, comforted by its warmth, but weary of the dangerous woods that surround them. Journeying to Goblin's Coast from lands across Aughmoore, each adventurer has a story to tell their new acquaintances. Some are here for fame and glory, others for coin, and others have more nefarious motives.

But for the moment, these unlikely companions are allies, agreed to face this daunting task together: enter the dungeon, defeat its Bosses, complete its quests, and save the world.


8 Hero Miniatures

7 Wooden Game Pieces

8 Story Cards

2 Goblin Cards

12 Loot Cards

5 Dungeon Cards

8 Hero Mats

2 Boss Mats

1 Rulebook

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