The Bears and The Bees

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Grandpa Beck's The Bears And The Bees is an intriguing and challenging game that’s part puzzle and part contest. Players compete to link honeycomb shaped cards to a growing hive. You do this by matching the colors on 2 or more sides of cards from your hand with those in play on the table. If you can match more than 2 sides you earn bonus plays. Stringing these bonus plays together will allow a skilled player to play multiple cards each turn. The special cards, Flowers, Drones, Bears, and Worker Bees add strategy and excitement. Drone’s make earning bonus plays easier, Worker Bees and Flowers deliver stings to your opponents, and the Bears, well, those honey grubbing pests just get in your way. A unique game that’s as compelling to look at as it is to play, The Bears And The Bees is sure to create a buzz during your next game night.


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