Superfight: Fortress Mode

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BUILD AND DEFEND YOUR IMPENETRABLE FORTRESS. In this expansion, you get 100 wall and defense cards to randomly build a RIDICULOUS, impassable fortresses with a RIDICULOUS commander that all the other characters will try to invade. But can they take down walls like a ‘Regenerating Jell-O Wall”, with defenses like “Guarded by Goblins Armed with Pots of Boiling Battery Acid”?

A DIFFERENT TWIST TO SUPERFIGHT. This expansion changes how the classic superfight game is played. One player is chosen as judge, another player is the one building a fortress with a commander. Everyone else will be invaders using the crazy characters from the core deck.

A SUCCESSFUL INVASION OR MASTERFUL DEFENSE? The defending player will argue how they survive the onslaught, while the attackers argue how they would succeed. The Judge picks the winner. Attackers get one point each if they win and the defender gets one point per attacker, if they win. The defender and judge rolls move to the left and a new round of play starts.

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