Superfight: Dungeon Mode

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BRAVE THE DUNGEONS AND SURVIVE. In this expansion, you get 100 locations like “a narrow hallway with swinging chainsaws” and scenarios such as “an invisible warrior attacks anyone without supernatural powers”. In this dungeon mode, the goal is for your RIDICULOUS characters armed with RIDICULOUS attributes to survive.

A DIFFERENT TWIST TO SUPERFIGHT. This expansion changes how the classic superfight game is played. One player is chosen as judge, while every other player creates a fighter as normal-- but instead of battling each other, they are a group of adventurers exploring a dungeon.

LET THE JUDGE DECIDE. Players have to argue why their character would survive the dungeon “stage”. The judge decides who doesn’t survive the round and he is appointed as the next judge. The players continue on to the next room until only one explorer remains!

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