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All alien civilizations want access to the Nexus, an exit point for every wormhole in the entire galactic octant. Rather than see bloodshed, the humans offered to let all share the Nexus peacefully. The humans would build the space station modules, ensuring compatibility, but the aliens would purchase and own the modules themselves. And thus Startropolis was born! You are the alien CEO of one of these galactic corporations, and your masters have given you seed money. What will you purchase? A solar power monopoly? Luxury habitats? Will you outperform your competition, and prove your dominance?

The basic idea of Startropolis is that you are collectively building a space station. Though you construct it together, Startropolis is emphatically competitive – there is no cooperation here! On his or her turn, each player purchases and attaches a new module.

The type of module, as well as where you build and attach it changes your revenue and other stats. You win by earning the most money at the end, and where and

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