Squirrelin’ Around

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Squirrelin' Around is a Dexterity and Set Collection game.

In Squirreling' Around you play as Jan, Kris, Xo, or Ryann - four forest pals who want to collect the best sets of nuts and berries.

On their turn players will place down a card, which will feature a berry or acorn on all four sides. They may orient the card in any way they'd like to complete their desirable sets and hopefully not assist their opponents with doing the same.

If they're successful all players obtain their rewards. Though, if the tree is knocked over all other players will get to take a nut of their choice, except the pesky squirrel that knocked the tree over. Though fret not, they will start the next round. The game ends when the tree has fallen over three times, at which point all players check to see who's the champion of their friendly competition. That's it! A game fun for all ages.

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