Speks Supers Oil Slick

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THE BEST BIG BALLS: Speks Supers are not only super big, but they’re super strong, too. Use them as a desk toy to add decor to your office or put their weight to work in your palm as a fidget toy.

COOL, CALM + CONNECTED: Perfectly weighted, soothingly smooth and cool to the touch, these powerful magnetic balls clack together to attract calm and repel stress.

DECK OUT YOUR DESK: Premium fidget, high design object or officeware organizer? All of the above! Accessorize your work area with Speks Supers kinetic sculpture then add further functionality by sticking paperclips all over for a modern spin on organization. We can’t promise you’ll be the envy of all your coworkers, but don’t be surprised when people stop by and ask where you got ‘em!

NO-BRAINER OFFICE GIFT: Forget gift exchange stress. These magnetic balls are perfect for fidgeters, pen clickers, and cuticle pickers alike. Our stress-relief desk toys are endorsed by all fun coworkers.

AGES 14+: Keep away from all children.

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