Skip-Bo Roll & Write Dice Game

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Just like the original Skip-Bo Card Game, Skip-Bo Dice Game game combines skill, strategy and fun in a simple sequencing game the whole family can enjoy! Race to complete "Build Piles" on your board by filling them in from 1 to 10. Just roll all six dice, then use a dry erase pen to color in the matching numbered spaces in any of your Build Piles. The quicker you complete your Build Piles, the more points you collect! For more fun, all players can use whatever number is rolled on the special ten-sided Bonus Die, even if it's not their turn – so everyone plays on every roll! After filling in your game board with the included dry erase markers, just wipe it clean with a tissue and you're ready to play again! This twist on the classic game is great for travel and fun for the whole family. Perfect for 2 to 4 players, aged 7 years old and up. Includes five number dice, one Bonus die, four dry erase boards and 4 dry erase markers.

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