Shadows of Brimstone – Forbidden Fortress – Bone Eaters Enemy Pack

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Lurking in the dark, damp corridors of the beast's belly, these scavengers feed on bones and remains too hard to be dissolved by the huge creature's normal digestive system.

Living in the dark, bone eaters have no eyes. Instead, they use their keen sense of smell and vibration, absorbing odors through their outstretched fingers as they feverishly search for anything worth devouring. The slightest noise or movement can alert them to your presence, abandoning the old garbage they were feeding on, with the prospect of a fresher meal!

The box contains 6 models of Bone Eaters, along with the large enemy record sheet for them, cut-out counters and all the threat cards needed to add them to your games.

The figures are supplied unassembled and unpainted.

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