Secrets, Scandals & Superheroes: A Murder Mystery Party

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The Game: Spice up your party by adding a little mystery and a dash of murder to the evening. Just invite ten to twelve guests to dress up and play the roles of the scheming suspects and you're in for an evening of unforgettable fun! No one is who they appear to be . . . can you find the killer?

The Crime: It's superheroes versus evil villains . . . who murdered the mad scientist? Dudley Demented was a renowned scientist who was credited with creating the modern superhero. Some said Dudley was a genius; others called him a mad scientist. But everyone was shocked when Dudley was found murdered in his lab! It's not a secret that Dudley had several enemies, and in the world of superheroes, no one is ever what they seem . . . Use your superpowers to solve the mystery!

The Suspects: Captain Perfect, Chainsaw Man, Doctor Daisy Demented, Glitter Girl, Lightning Man, Military Myrna, Rabbit Boy, Stewy Side-Kick, The Aerosol Avenger & The Black Widow

Extra Players (Non-Suspects): Tilly Tattler & Detective Dwayne

The Contents: Party Planner, Ten Character Booklets, Two Character Booklets for bonus players, Twelve Character Profiles to include with invitations, Twelve Party Invitations and Envelopes, Ten Secret Clues, Compact Disc Co-host: Complete with introduction, evening commentary and solution to the mystery.

Suggested Age: Adult

For 10 to 12 players.

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