Sea of Clouds

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Air Captains sail between flying islands, picking up shares of Loot, and sending crews to clash and plunder each other's ships. Collect Pirates, Relics, Rum, and various objects, and don't forget the Doubloons! Each round, choose a hidden share of Loot to improve your collection of goods and crew members. If you pass up a share, it might get better for the next player who chooses. But maybe what you need is waiting later on! Will you seek a set of relics, collect fine rum, or just go for the money? No matter what, make sure your crew can win the next Boarding action. The captain with the most Victory Points at the end will be hailed Pirate King!
For 2-4 Players
40 minute playing time
Using the Winston Style draft mechanic, this game is unique in the board game world
Age" 10+

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