Sackson Set: Sleuth/Venture/Monad

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Sleuth is a classic detective game where skillful questioning of opponents is needed as each player gathers and records evidence. The winner must use his powers of deduction and logic to identify the missing gem. The simplicity of the rules and the cards belies the depth of this game. In some cases you see cards, in other cases you only hear the number of cards that an opponent holds. The notation system you devise must be both flexible and reliable, as you record both positive and negative answers; eliminate possibilities one by one; and arrive at the correct solution to the mystery!


Playing time:30-45 minutes

Age:10 and up

Monad is a fascinating and skillful card game where advance planning is essential as each player attempts to strategically trade, buy and leap his way from the lowest cards to the highest. This is one of Sid Sackson’s best games—though still relatively unknown. It’s a highly strategic game, yet game play is easy enough for any novice to learn quickly. Partnership play is also an option.

Players:2 - 4

Playing time:45-60 minutes

Age:10 and up

Venture offers a great adventure in the world of high finance and big business, where budding tycoons follow in the footsteps of Carnegie and Rockefeller, wheel ’n deal and often become involved in proxy fights to gain control of key corporations. Each player manipulates vast holdings, gigantic conglomerates and millions of dollars. The object of the game is to build a profit-generating financial empire which yields the greatest returns at the end of the game.

Players:2 - 6

Playing time:45 minutes

Age:10 and up

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