Rubik’s Color Blocks

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RUBIK’S CUBE WITH A TWIST - Managed to solve the classic 3x3 Rubik’s Cube and looking for your next challenge? The highly challenging Rubik’s Color Blocks combines the difficulty of the classic cube with the shapeshifting challenges of the Mirror Cube. Sounds almost impossible, right?
TURN, TWIST & REPEAT - With every turn and twist, the colors become more scrambled and the Cube changes shape. To solve the colors and the shape, you are going to need to twist, turn and rotate the Rubik’s Cube beyond confusion and back into a solved state
SHAPESHIFTING DESIGN - The Rubik’s Color Blocks Cube features six different colored sides, each made up of nine squares. The puzzle’s unique mechanism and different size blocks result in the Cube changing shape with every move you make
ADVANCED PLAY - Unlike ordinary Cubes you don’t just need to solve the colors, you are going to need to solve the shape too. Color Blocks is all about adding a real challenge to solving the puzzle and in most cases just results in confusion
STICKERLESS - The traditional stickers have been replaced with plastic, which means no fading, peeling or cheating!

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