Rory`S Story Cubes Voyages

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I'm not sure what's more likeable here - the simple concept or the cute packaging! The small, portable game consists of nine picture dice packaged in a sturdy flip-out box about the size of a card deck. The dice are printed with simple black-and-white pictures on each face for a total of 54 different images. A few examples include: a clock, a bee, a shooting star, a key, a flashlight, an apple, fire, a magnifying glass, a question mark, a book, a light bulb, and a tree. Originally designed for storytelling, there are three game ideas included inside the cover, each of which entails rolling the dice and using some or all of the dice to create a story. Or try rolling the dice to pick a theme for extemporaneous speaking, to inspire young children to write a story (using just one or two cubes), or as writing prompts. You can modify the number of dice, play solo or as a group, or add dice from one of the expansions for more variety. I'm sure you can come up with some of your own educational and party ideas as well!

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