Reign: The Final Battle Royale

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SET UP YOUR WAY—When you place your faction members (pawns) on the game board, will you spread them out evenly, position them strategically to attack, or place them where you can collect the most power stones to help you as you battle?

REMOVE SECTIONS OF THE GAME BOARD AS YOU PLAY—As the game goes on, pieces of the game board are randomly removed, so any pawns you have left on that section are lost! Do you sacrifice your weakest faction members or rush to save them all?

RACE TO THE CENTER TO SURVIVE—As you move, battle other players and fight to get to the middle of the board, where the last one standing wins!

GREAT FOR YOUNG PLAYERS OR INTERGENERATIONAL PLAY—An exciting game where kids and families can have fun together, using a little or a lot of strategy to win!

A DIFFERENT GANE EACH TIME YOU PLAY—With a different setup each time, every game turns out differently! For 2 to 4 players, ages 8 and up

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