Real Lies

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  • Deduce the Truth: Lie your way to a win with ReaLies! This funny, creative and easy-to-play party game is all about convincing others that your lie is the truth, while also attempting to guess the real answer!

  • Ages 16+ (That's The Truth): This card game is intended for players 16 and older. Perfect for parties, hangouts, reunions, office events, game nights, and more.

  • More Lies = More Fun: This game requires 3+ players to win. Just remember, the more players, the more lies, and the bigger the surprise the reveal is at the end— so bring the crew!

  • What's Inside: Includes 350 Cards, 8 ReaLies Dry Erase Markers, 8 ReaLies Dry Erase Cards, 1 Score Pad, and Instructions.

  • How To Play: The host draws a card and reads it out loud. On the Dry Erase boards, players write down their most believable response. The host reads all the answers out loud, and players must vote for which they think is the truth. Win points based on who votes for your response, and by guessing the real truth!

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