Push Pop Fidget Toy — Unicorn, Turquoise

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One touch and your fingers can't stop pushing, poking, and popping!
This is a fun fidget toy that can also be a simple and clever logic game, great for kids and adults. This push pop fidget toy makes satisfying popping sounds when pushing, and improves your logical and strategic thinking skills while playing. All you can think of is how awesome this push pop fidget toy is and can’t help but keep popping!
You can also just pop this fidget toy every now and then to keep focusing on a meeting or study, release stress, and have a calm, in-the-moment effect.

How to play this as a strategy game:
1. On a player’s turn, they select a row and press down any number of bubbles.
2. The opponent then presses down any unpressed bubbles in the desired row of their choice.
3. The player that is left to press the last bubble on the board loses the round.
4. Once a match is over, simply flip over the board to start another round. No setup time and no pieces to arrange or lose.

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