Push Pop Caterpillar

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Push the dimples all the way in to pop them through to the other side. Delve into the simple delight of poking them with your fingers. It's a perfect sensory adventure babies and toddlers can take with them wherever they go, in a fun caterpillar shape!

Exquisite design:
Built safely into the sturdy ABS plastic frame are 4 vibrant silicone bubbles. It's so simple, yet oddly fun, with a fascinating sound. Engages the senses, and encourages fine motor skills and sensory exploration.

Suitable for adults as well as kids:
Also suitable for adults; squeeze the dimple toy out over and over again when you get stressed or bored and to kill time.

Easy to use:
Simple yet brilliant: push and pop them, poke and grab them, a perfect, portable sensory delight.

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