Professor Puzzle The Obscurities 10 Matchbox Puzzles & 50 Challenges Box of Brain Teasers

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Put your problem-solving skills to the test with this eclectic mix of ten pocket-sized puzzles! From the Rings of Fire to the Trapeze, each matchbox contains a different little brain teaser to solve. Once you've mastered them all, see if you can use the wooden matchsticks to solve the fifty matchstick challenges listed on the cards. It's the ultimate gift set for brain bafflement! Includes: 50 Matchstick Challenge Cards, 50 challenge cards of varying difficulty, 30 Wooden Matchsticks used to complete the challenge cards, 7 Mini Wooden Puzzles, 7 wooden puzzles to solve, packed into tiny matchboxes, and 3 Mini Metal Puzzles. Part of Professor Puzzle's Puzzling Obscurities Collection, a suite of 3D Puzzle Brain Games.

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