Pitchstorm: Creature Feature — A Horror Expansion

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THE NEXT BIG HORROR FLICK. Creature Feature is an expansion deck for Pitchstorm: a party game that puts you in the position of an unprepared writer pitching movies to the world's worst executives. Writers have to pitch their horror movie idea, and figure out a way to incorporate the random notes thrown by the executives on the spot.

SERIAL KILLER, MONSTER, OR THE UNDEAD? Each of the rivalring writers has to draw 3 character cards OR 3 plot cards. Then they draw from the opposite deck, choosing which card from his hand can work best for the other half. New Creature Feature deck characters include: "A DYSFUNCTIONAL FAMILY WITH A DARK SECRET." Plots include: "REALIZES THEIR BOYFRIEND IS A SERIAL KILLER.”"The writer will then have to pitch the movie within the time limit!

SO SILLY IT COULD ACTUALLY WORK. The executive picks three note cards at the start without revealing to the writers. While the character and plot cards may be fun to pitch a story for, the executive notes are sure to make things more interesting, like "We need at least one thing to explode out of someone’s chest." The exec team/player decides which movie is hitting the big screen and earning a point; the true masterpiece despite (or due to) the curveballs! The one with the most points wins.

GREAT FOR PARTIES AND GAMES NIGHT. What’s better than movie characters, crazy plots, studio execs and a whole lot of improv? This easy to learn tabletop game is awesome to play with friends and family, adult games night, at a party, office party, sleepovers, birthdays, drinking games, dinner parties or even in the park. Playing with more the 6-12 players? Split into teams of two and rival as pairs!

WHAT’S INSIDE THE CREATURE FEATURE DECK. The Creature Feature Deck is an expansion for Pitchstorm that adds 100 gruesome new characters, plots, and notes based on classic and popular horror movies. Shuffle these cards into your deck, turn off the lights, and don't forget to check INSIDE THE HOUSE!

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