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Pikoko: An Innovative, Counter-Intuitive & Colorful Trick-Taking Card Game Don’t let the fabulous peacock feathers be a distraction - you’re going to need all your intelligence, strategy, logic and deduction skills to triumph at this fun and challenging card game. At the start of every round, 8 cards are dealt to each player and placed in their peacock card holders, however, the players can’t see their own game cards, only the cards of their opponents! Players must then bet on who will take how many tricks this hand (based on the cards they can see). An innovative twist on classic trick-taking card games, Pikoko requires card game players to un-learn their traditional approach to card games, and the playing field is level as it’s possible to win even if you are dealt a bad hand. Ideal for both casual and serious gamers, Pikoko is suitable for children over 10, adults and teenagers to play together. The family friendly card game requires 3-5 players and takes around 30 minutes to play. Each Pikoko card game includes: 5 three-dimensional peacock card holders 77 cards 45 betting tokens 1 starting player token game rules Stunning graphics and stimulating game play make this colorful and contemporary card game a favorite for game night.

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