Orlog: Assassin’s Creed Valhalla

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OFFICIALLY LICENSED: Bring the city to life by placing and stacking over 60 plastic tiles to create the most cohesive districts possible!

EASY TO LEARN: Take turns rolling the dice three times, resolve effect, and activate special abilities from the Gods in play. The last player with health left wins!

TACTICAL STRATEGY: Observe your opponent and anticipate their actions to have the winning strategy. Victory is not just in the luck of the dice, but in your choices too!

LOTS OF VARIETY: Choose 3 of the 20 different God powers each game, creating endless combinations of effects and strategies so no two games will be alike!

QUALITY COMPONENTS: Includes over 30 stones to track player health, 2 thematic plastic bowls for rolling dice, and unique designs for all God tokens.

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