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In Origins: First Builders , players are members of a powerful and ancient space-faring race that visits Earth regularly to bestow gifts of progress and wonders upon the blossoming humanity. You will influence the construction of buildings and monuments, guide a population of your Freemen, climb the three mighty Zodiac Temples, and take part in an arms race—all in an effort to leave the greatest mark on mankind’s ancient history.


1 x Main Board

5 x Plastic Motherships

60 x Tower Discs

49 x Plastic Dice

24 x Plastic Population bases

4 x plastic Archon miniature

20 x Player disks

4 x Player Boards

75 x Building tiles

4 x Agora Tiles

4 x Palace Tiles

12 x Zodiac Tiles

5 x Bonus Action Tiles

20 x Superiority tokens

1 x First Player marker

80 x Resource tokens

4 x +100 VP/+200 VP tokens

45 x District Cards

12 x Zodiac Cards

4 x Player Aids

1 x Rulebook

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