Ogre Under

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To be a successful merchant in this Kingdom, players must deal with more than a fluctuating market. The only bridge into town is infested with hungry ogres living beneath it, and with the right temptation, they can be lured out to make a meal of unlucky players or their faithful donkeys. Only when a merchant and their Donkey reach the end tile will they claim victory! In Ogre under, players take on the role of merchants trying to cross the bridge into town on market day. They simultaneously select and reveal action cards to bet on the changing market, lure out ogres to slow down the competition, or hire Mouse guards to bravely protect them. With smart play and clever decisions, they'll make it to market before becoming a meal!

Building bridges - the bridge is randomly Constructed, ensuring surprises every game
Out-think opponents - players make choices simultaneously, so thought (and forward thinking) play is encouraged
Simple fun - with easy rules and fast game time, players will return again and again

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