Ninja Squad

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he Evil Shogun of Aomori has been destroying the community with crippling taxes and physical brutality. Action needs to be taken to stop this by the Ninja Squad.
A crack team of deadly Ninja are on a mission to take on the evil Shogun of Aomori. In a fast paced game of sneaky moves and rooftop risks, the Ninja must team up to reach the Shogun's Palace - but when their mission is complete, it's every Ninja for themselves as they race to escape the city before dawn.

The first half of Ninja Squad is a cooperative game in which players take on the role of ninjas and try to sneak past the guards and lanterns to get to the Shogun's palace. The reverse side of the game board is used for the second half of the game, which is a player versus player race game through the imperial gardens. The first ninja to reach the blue forest will claim the glory.

4 Ninja miniatures
6 Double-sided playing boards
1 Shogun Palace playing board
27 Lontern (clear) cubes
18 Senjutsu/Buki (red) cubes
60 Movement cards
1 First player Ninja star
1 Alarm tracker token
16 Black meeple guards
8 Red meeple guards
12 Alarm cards
12 Senjutsu cards
30 Buki cards
12 Womo tokens
4 Fire tokens

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