New Phone, Who Dis? : Bad Advice Expansion Pack

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  • A Good Time For Bad Advice: Though the cards in this game are filled with terrible advice, we do have one piece of good advice for you – this game is perfect for housewarming parties, dorm events, friend gatherings, and more!

  • Fun For All (Ages 17+): This game is awesome for players aged 17 and older.

  • How To Play: Add this expansion pack to your New Phone, Who Dis? core game for extra fun. Shuffle the cards together for risqué surpises, or keep them separate for a designated risky pick pile. Players draw the given number of Reply Cards, and try to create the funniest text conversations by matching them with that round's Inbox Card! The judge then picks the funniest combo and the game plays on.

  • What's Included: 45 Inbox Cards and 135 Reply Cards. Requires New Phone, Who Dis? core game in order to play.
  • Pro Tip: Trying to win? Yeah, we know you are! Remember this game is judge's choice – so do your best to match their sense of humor.

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