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A group of hunters arrives in a peaceful village, throwing it into turmoil as they claim one of the residents is a monster! It could be anyone! But how can you tell who is who? In Monster My Neighbor, you can be a hunter trying to capture a monster, or a monster who must elude the hunters' grasp until the end of the round. But as cards are drawn, discarded, and exchanged, the monster's identity changes constantly. Use your cards wisely and find out who is the real monster!

Monster My Neighbor blends bluffing and strategy to keep everyone guessing. Cards are played that keep everyone's hand in constant flux. Spread rumors and everyone must draw a card from another player's hand. Investigate and get a look at another player's hand. Use whatever information you acquire quickly, though; you never know when it might change! As cards change, so does the monster's identity. Force someone to discard the Monster card or, if you are the monster, conceal your identity for long enough and you win the round. Each of the five Monster cards has its own ability that's sure to keep everyone guessing. Play your cards, use your powers of deduction, and find out if your neighbor is a monster!

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