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Deep inside Menara, you discover fragments of an ancient structure. Can you bring the temple of Menara back to life? You’ll need a steady hand, for every mistake you make will cost you!

What’s in the box?

76 column pieces
One cloth bag
One camp
18 temple floors
35 construction plan cards
Five level cards
How to play:

Draw out six columns and place them in the camp and form a quarry with the 18 temple floors.

Take the 3 top temple floors and put them in the middle of the table so that they touch each other at two points to form the temple base.

Next to that, lay out the level cards in a row. The number of level cards you lay out determines how many levels the temple must have at the end of the game.

Each player then draws a certain number of columns out of the bag and places them in front of them, dependent on the number of players and on the degree of difficulty of the game.

During each turn you carry out the following steps in order:

You may exchange columns with the camp.
You reveal a construction plan card.
You build as specified by the revealed construction plan card.
You replenish your columns to their full number.
If any temple floors collapse, the game ends immediately. The game ends also if any columns fall over and then can’t be put back on their previous place.
To win the game you need to build your temple high enough!

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