Mega Binder Binder XL Size (Twice as Large) Portfolio: Black

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The Monster Mega Binder features a 720 card carrying capacity, with side loading pockets that are both antitheft and prevent your cards from slipping out of place. Each of the 40 pages is cushioned to give your cards an extra level of protection. Monster Protectors binders also feature a custom binding that expands as you put more cards into it, so the cover always stays flush against the pages, never exposing your cards to harm. All of the pages are also stitched in rather than being glued in so the binders are incredibly durable and last for years. Works great for all your different card games including YuGiOh!, Pokemon, and Magic.

Side-loading to prevent theft and fall-out
Contains 40 pages - Each page holds 18 cards
Matte Black

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