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Pretend Egg Puzzle Games for Toddlers- 12 pcs baby egg toy in a cardboard box help preschoolers learn color classification, shape sorting, improve the baby's manual dexterity, color recognition and fine motor skills, exercise the baby's brain and hands-on skills.

Stacker Toys for developing baby's intelligence-These bright interactive eggs with a pure white design, at Easter, you can paint eggs with your baby, design a new look, add fun to the holiday while also developing the child's imagination

Specially designed for young children- the use of safe and non-toxic child-safe material production, so that babies can play with confidence, and the plastic egg is easily separate and close, suitable for children.

Sturdy and high quality-This early learning match egg set is very sturdy, the parts inside will not easily fall off and lose color, is a baby can play with long-term toys

Easy to clean & store-This baby learning toy is also very convenient., when the toy becomes dirty can be cleaned with a rag or rinse directly with water, dry it and put it back into the sturdy plastic box.

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