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The Halcyon City Herald Collection is a sourcebook for Masks: A New Generation that fleshes out Halcyon City with new places, new faces, and new mysteries.

Masks: A New Generation is an ENnie-award winning superhero roleplaying game in which a team of young heroes fights villains, saves lives, and tries to figure out who they are—noble paragons? Dark avengers? Or regular kids? All against the backdrop of Halcyon City, the greatest city in the world. 

In the Halcyon City Herald Collection, you’ll find everything you need to spice up your version of Halcyon City at a moment’s notice.

In this book, you get:

• A collection of articles detailing many of Halcyon’s greatest catastrophes and characters

• A slew of new moves fleshing out those people and places with mechanical weight

• Five new limited edition playbooks to add to your game of Masks, along with advice for using them in your game

Does your team of heroes have what it takes to investigate Halcyon’s greatest stories? Time to find out.

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